Referalink coordinating care for Medical Homes



Centralize Referral Processing

Standardize referral processing across all your organizations, locations and providers
eReferral management of any patient handoff

Increase Patient Visits

Confirm that every referral makes an appointment
Increase awareness of new physicians and their specialty areas

md2md patient handoff management

Identify referrals to out of network providers or network leakage
Alerts generated to identify non-compliant patients and missing consult reports

Simple to setup, train and use


No interfaces required. 

Complete an order or referral in 60 to 90 seconds


Referalink is an medical eReferral system generating patients logs to manage orders and referrals Here is an example order and referral log


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Hear how Shondra is using Referalink

eReferral service for in and out-of-network provider


Patient handoff tracking


Automate your Referral Department and eliminate paper


Communicate with any caregiver and healthplan


Clinical document and consult report tracking


Alerts reduce preventable malpractice risk


Primary care providers and other physicians

Create Send and Manage referrals

Referral Coordinators on our staff

Our patient call center staff


Specialist, labs, hospitals and community caregivers

Alerts identify patients who have been referred

Outofnetwork orders and referrals

Reduce handoff errors, quickly location referring provider clinical notes and patients with referral authorization issues.  Attach your consult report to "close the loop".


Acountable Care Organizations and Patient Centered Medical homes

Regardless of IT platform, EHR, and billing system manage patient hand-offs and coordinate patient handoffs between any providers.

Alerts are generated that identify patients who have not made a specialist appointment and may be non-compliant.

web based requiring No interfaces required just a quick set-up and access to the internet.No interfaces required just a quick set-up and access to the internet.